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Killa Cal by: TG


  • Killa Cal where does the name come from?
    Just from rapping around the way. People just use to call me Cal. Then one day my cousin Lil Lyon was like man we gonna call you Killa. From then on that what it has een.  Lately people have been calling me Da Animal or Animal.

    What kind of rap you bringing right now?
    A lil bit of everything. I have matured so much as an artist that there is pretty much nothing I can’t blend on. I have stepped my game up so much that I feel like whatever production comes my way I can handle, lyrically.

    Are you from Washington DC?
    I’m from MD by way of Washington,DC.I have been doing music for a while now and lately it has been lots of meetings and traveling, a lot of buzz surrounding my name nationally. The past 6 months the Hip-Hop publications have been reaching out to me. I’m in a good spot right now. Shout to Jerry over at Koch, I told him I would shout him out in the next interview.

    What is your website and the name of your new album?
    Working on the website now. I have two or three street albums I’m doing this year before the official album. My album is gonna be CRAZY, it’s gone be titled “Killa Cal- Da Animal”. I have built so many relationships with good people that it’s bound to be great.

    When and What exactly can we expect on the street albums?
    The first one is called “Reality Check” and that will be hosted by radio personality/Dj Dirty Rico from WPGC. People been waiting on this since my last one and I think they are gone love it. The second one is a project that I thought would be a treat to my fans and to the local artist where I’m from. Its’ called “Kill-aborations” and it features all artist from DC, MD and VA and all local production as well. I’m still working on The Dudley Boyz Project with my man Ghost as well. Real busy year for me!

    Name some of the songs on it and what are you rapping about?
    “That’s My Car” is one of the songs on it. I rap about having a nice ride and people reactions when they see me in it. It’s catchy. “Girls Show Me Love” is another song that could be a single, the whole feel of that song is CLUB. Shout to my man Mike Jones, he is on the hook. What up Texas!

    Haven’t heard much coming from DC besides Obama what’s poppin?
    Well, our music movement is picking up fast. Any kind of artist that you are looking for we got them. The club scene is always poppin’, you saw how we did it for Barack when he got into office. We get it in!

    What’s the roughest neighbourhood in DC?
    Aw man, that’s tough. Lol.  Southside is MEAN. Northeast ain’t no joke either. DC is rough period. I don’t want to shout out too many hoods. They might think its cool and  really start trippin’. lol

    You been there your whole life?
    Yeah all around DC and MD, even a little bit in Northern VA. Everywhere I’ve been has taught me something.

    What else is up homie?
    Just hustling, tryna get the music out. People think its pressure on me because a lot of the magazines and hip hop sites been talking about me but when you confident in what you doing, the pressure just makes you better. I just been recording and watching my Lakers. Anybody that knows me knows how I feel about the Lakers. Kobe what up!

    Who did production on your album?
    Aw man, I got a good line-up of producers. I’m working with my man Invincible from The Inkredibles, DJ Jealousy and Whiteboy from N.O.T Music Camp, Cartier at Real Recording Studios, Ghost from 8trix Productions, Sir William, D Cleve, and Scoop Productions just to name a few. As far as DJ’s, of course DJ Rico, DJ Lucky, Jealousy, Big John, Mixx, Dangerous D, and M&M.


    Where can someone go to hear your music and or buy it?
    Most of the East Coast local stores will have my music or you can go to my myspace page and I’ll get it to you. Since my first one did well in that Southern region, we sending packages out to Atlanta, Miami, Texas, and California. Shout to Vegas too, I was out there a few months ago, WOW!  Hit me at, I’m easy to find. Youtube me,Twitter me, Google me, I’m out here!

    What you bumping right now?
    You probably gonna laugh. In my 12 disc player at home I have The What Band, Nippsey Hustle’s mixtape, Drake, Slaughterhouse, Parliament, The Chronic, Eminem new shit, Busta New Shit, Nate Dogg, Red and Meth Blackout 2,  Maxwell and some of my new stuff from the studio. I mix it up, as you can tell.

    Any last words?
    Thanks for the support from the hip-hop community and my home-team support. Shout out to Down Low for taking time to talk to me and letting the world get to know me better, talk to yall again real soon.

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